With each passing season, we reflect on the changes around us and of the things to be done in preparing for the new season. As we take time to make these changes, let us also take time to reflect and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives, our families, our faith community and the material comforts we all enjoy. Let us also remember that all we have are gifts from above.

As each of us thinks about God’s generosity and grace, the list of our thanksgivings gets longer. In giving thanks for our faith community, we recognize that as a congregation our Vision: “St. Bernadette Parish aspires to be a community where all who enter will experience, through the gospel of mercy, the vibrant loving embrace of the Good Shepherd” is being realized at St. Bernadette every day.

This can be seen in the new faces in our midst, genuineness about personal spiritual growth, opportunities to learn and deepen our faith—through Family Catechetics, Bible Study, small faith and prayer groups, to name a few. Our life continues to be enriched by the youth of our parish who bring to us their own gifts and spiritual wisdom. We continue to reach out to our community and we find new energies to consider other possibilities for service and witness.


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Doreen Woodruff

Office Manager

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