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Mass Update

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

We are anxious for the re-opening of our church for Masses. As you know, we will be beginning on Monday, May 25 with daily Mass at 8:00 am. On the weekends, we have added Masses to accommodate more people: Saturday Masses will be at 4:00 PM and 6:00 pm and Sunday Masses will be at 8:00 and 10:00 am and 12:00 noon.

There has been some confusion, so I will try to clarify. You cannot just come to Mass. We are only allowed to have 10 persons per Mass and thus you need to get your name on our list of people who wish to come. From that list, we select 10 names for each mass. Our first deadline for submitting names was on the 15th. So, you should have already received notification of which mass you may attend.

The ten on our list will be the only ones permitted to enter the church.

We are pleased that all on our original list will be able to attend in the first several weeks. You will be able to come less often if you have specified a particular mass to attend. Once all have attended, we will start assigning names to mass times from the list again. It is looking like every two weeks or so we can accommodate all on our list. Be patient as we open up the church for Masses.

Soon, I hope, we will be able to have more than ten. But for now that is our limit, as established by the Archdiocese, State and County.

It will be a little different as we will be seated 6 feet apart, we will be wearing masks for the mass, there will be no physical contact between people in attendance, Communion will be in the hand only and not from the cup, and procedures are in place to maintain a clean, safe environment.

It will be good to see your faces again. I will need to assume you are smiling as the masks will be in place. Please know I will be smiling and joyfully welcoming you back home.

With love,

Fr. Tom

Updates and additional information will be posted to this page and on Facebook. To have your name added to the lottery for mass attendance, e-mail us at or call (303) 233-1523.

Pentecost Sunday Mass

Note: Recorded Masses will be continue to be posted on Facebook, as well as the parish website, each Saturday at 6:00 pm for Sunday morning worship and remain online for the balance of the week.  Visit our YouTube Channel to view recordings of previous Sunday Masses.

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