Youth Ministry

Published on Jan 11th, 2016 by Parish Office | 0
Youth Ministry

Be a Steward of Hope – Youth Ministry

“… Young people call us to renewed and expansive hope for they represent new directions for humanity and open us up to the future, lest we cling to a nostalgia for structures and custom which are no longer life giving in today’s world” – Pope Francis, (EG 108)

Come Join us!

Who: Young people interested in creating and/or participating in an amazing youth program at St. Bernadette Catholic Church

Why: To create a community of the young people of St. Bernadette that provides them opportunities to have fun, share their faith and serve in the St. Bernadette Community.

What: Youth Group Information Session

When: Contact the church office

Where: Doherty Hall

Pope Francis calls us to be Joyful Witness to the Gospel; to be joyful witness of Christian Hope!

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