The Most Holy Trinity

Published on Jun 15th, 2019 by Parish Office | 0

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity is this weekend. One of the “Feasts of the Lord” through which we transition from Easter to Ordinary Time. It is tempting to try to explain the Trinity, but who can explain a mystery. Rather, it seems to me the belief in the Holy Trinity is a belief in the relationship between the persons and therefore our call to be in relationship with God.

When we declare that “God is love!” we are looking at the love between the Father and the Son. This love is then offered to us through the Holy Spirit. In our gospel today,Jesus tells us that this mystery is the “truth” that is revealed to us through the Holy Spirit.

This truth then becomes the basis for measuring everything. Anything we believe and the truth we seek must align with the ultimate truth of God’s love. Paul tells us today that this love is our source of strength, endurance and hope.

May all we do and say reveal the Holy Trinity, God’s love!

With love,

Fr. Tom

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