Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

So, we are back to “Ordinary Time” (meaning numbered time). This year we will be following weekly the Gospel of Mark. In Mark’s Gospel, the structure of the Gospel tells us a lot about the theme and interpretation of particular passages. Today’s reading is a case in point.

The first half of Mark is devoted to the question: “Who is Jesus?” Noting this, we can see that the answer of who Jesus is also includes the question of who we are and what is our relationship with Jesus. His answer, “we are His brothers, sisters and mother.”

Our first reading (which is always chosen by the church to compliment the gospel passage) is the story of the Fall of Adam. Here we note the ideal, which is the will of our creator, is that we be very close, even intimate with our God. Yet, because of sin, division, suspicion, alienation has entered human history. God wants us to be family with our God and Father and Jesus our brother, yet we often feel distant from God.

It is worth noting that how we feel in relation with our own family, friends, co-workers and neighbors, indeed the people of the world, is a strong influence on our relationship with God. Those who (in our gospel’s image) are standing between ourselves and God.

Continuing the basic theme’s of Mark’s Gospel, we will see that reconciliation is what Jesus came to do and how He will save us. He came to reconcile us with God through gathering us as one family.

With love,

Fr. Tom

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