Published on Jan 9th, 2015 by Parish Office | 0

Credence Table

Have you ever wondered who prepares the credence table on the altar or the offertory table in the back of the church?  We have a team of amazing people who perform their liturgical ministry behind the scenes.  The Sacristans are the ministers who make sure things are in place.  Every day of every week before every Mass, a Sacristan prepares the Tabernacle key, vessels, credence, and offertory tables.  They double check the placement of the Lectionary, the Roman Missal, and the Book of the Gospels.  Without their invaluable service, liturgy wouldn’t be quite as seamless as it appears!

Are you are detail person or have good organization skills?  Please contact the parish office and ask about becoming a Sacristan, we need you!

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