Palm Sunday 2016

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My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

In this year of mercy we are called to meditate on the passion of Christ during the Palm Sunday weekend.  The mercy of God is revealed in almost every sentence of this powerful story.  As Jesus bears patiently with his disciples and with his accusers, as Jesus offers his life upon the cross, and as Jesus seeks only to know and do the Father’s will.

This story is the definitive revelation of the love and mercy of God.  As Paul says, “while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” Can we imitate this love in our life?  Can we witness the love of God through our own life?

Mercy does not gloss over the reality of sin nor its consequences in our life.  This too, is painfully evident in the Passion.  Pleading for God’s mercy is asking for the grace to honestly confront sin in our life, but always aware of the amazing love expressed here today.

Today we begin Holy Week.  Please, let’s make it holy by setting aside as much of our busy work as possible to focus on the re-living of that week and how we are participants in this story.

With love,

Fr. Tom

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