October 8th 2017

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My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

We have been using the word “Stewardship” often in recent years. Speaking and celebrating about our stewardship of prayer, faith, time, talent, treasure, vocation and the earth. The use of this particular word to speak of our good care of God’s gifts has its foundation in today’s gospel reading, the parable of the land owner and the vineyard.

The parable beautifully illustrates that all is a gift of God and is beautiful because of that. We are the recipients of God’s gifts and our gratitude should be deep. We express that gratitude by caring for God’s gifts and producing much fruit. God asks that we share a portion of the gifts we receive, which corresponds with our concept of tithing, giving a percentage back to God.
We further see that God’s plan is a “win-win” situation where the tenants get much and the owner receives a fair share. But, also illustrated is the sinful situation of greed, jealousy and violence. The plan of God is not followed and when this happens, all suffer.

Finally, the parable cautions us that there are consequences to our actions. If we live for ourselves and are not grateful to God and if we keep or use more than our fair share such that others suffer or go without, we will lose what we think we have and others will receive God’s gifts who will produce the rich harvest.

In the weeks ahead, we will look at this as we celebrate the “Stewardship of Treasure.” We will re-examine our generosity and responsibility for God’s gifts, especially the beautiful gift of St. Bernadette’s Parish. We begin, with a deep prayer of gratitude to God for all we receive because of God’s great love.

With Love,

Fr. Tom

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