November 12th 2017

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My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

As we near the end of our church year, we look at the end times and the end of life. Recently we celebrated All Saints and All Souls Days as a sort of introduction to this whole month’s theme. Today Paul tells us to be clear, not giving into grief, but to have hope. We are to console one another with our faith in heaven.

The other readings invite us to note the difference between being foolish and being wise. Our first reading tells us that God’s wisdom is seeking us just as the Psalm tells us we are seeking God’s wisdom.

The gospel reminds us that seeking God’s wisdom is preparation for the future as we will all need faith and God’s presence in our lives when fearful things happen. At that time, it is too late to seek our God. You know that relationships take time, communication, trust and sacrifice. So too, our relationship with God will not be a “fall in love” kind of romance, but the “celebrating 50 years of marriage” kind of fidelity.

There are several beverage advertisements that encourage us to be true to our thirst or follow our thirst. How true! “My soul is thirsting for you, O lord my God.”

With Love,

Fr. Tom

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