July 30th 2017

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“Parable of the hidden treasure” Rembrandt (possibly Gerard Dou)~1630AD Museum of fine art Budapest. Public Domain.  Click to enlarge

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

In giving us the parable of the “Lost Treasure” or the “Pearl of Great Price,” Jesus is not only calling us to place great worth on the Kingdom of God but also telling us what is God’s highest priority as well.

The Kingdom of God is not a place or a thing, but a relationship which God wants more than anything else and we are called to put first on our bucket list as well.

The pairing of this gospel with the first reading from the Book of Kings invites us to ponder what we want more than anything else. Our first thoughts might tend toward riches, health or other things, but a relationship is the recommended answer. We might even come up with this answer, but the question is not what is in our head or heart, but what do our actions reveal is the real “treasure” we value above everything else?

What does it mean, then, to place the Kingdom of God above all else? What does this look like? We might envision someone lost in prayer for hours at a time or digging deeply into the Scriptures, or working at the church for every event. While these activates might be a result of placing the Kingdom first in our lives, the first step would be the imitation of Christ, dying to self and living for God through others.

So, if the genie appeared from a bottle on your front step and asked you for one wish, what would that be?

With Love,

Fr. Tom

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