Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Published on Feb 2nd, 2019 by Parish Office | 0

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

Already, in this first story of Jesus’ teaching, we see conflict and resistance. We see the excuses for not accepting him, we see the violence that results.

There is so much violence in our world. We see it on the news, we see it on the highways, in the stores, in families and we must admit we have the temptation to settle things in a not so kindly way ourselves. In this gospel, we see that all violence is a rejection of Jesus and a failure to live the life to which he has called us with “follow me.”

Anytime we are tempted to do violence, no matter how small, we can look at the people of Nazareth to see the truth of our actions and the excuses we give for doing so. We excuse others a just being (fill in the blank). We excuse it in ourselves as “I have a temper” or “having a bad day.”

Our society has recently begun to clearly identify that there is no excuse for doing violence to another. We need to lay aside our selfish and self-serving ways and imitate Christ’s sacrificial love (even for our so called enemy).

With love,

Fr. Tom

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