Fourth Sunday Of Lent

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Again, this week, we have two gospels. The “A” Cycle reading is the “Man Born Blind” from John’s gospel and the “C” reading is the marvelous story of the “Prodigal Son.” Both stories have surprises, deep emotions, healing and reconciliations.

In the story of the man with two sons, which of these children are you most like? Or perhaps, how are you like each of these two sons? Both of them have some growing up to do as do we. Lent is about that growing up needed. This fits with the story of the blind man in that we all need to be able to see, what we do not see now. Again, the tools of Lent and the works of prayer, fasting and alms giving help us to be able to see clearly and in the end, like the younger son, feel the embrace of our loving Father.

We can see in both sons, how the selfish decisions we make separate us from God and from our brothers and sisters. It is only through repentance that we can reconcile and know the renewal Jesus calls us to experience.

May Lent be for you a time of returning home to the Lord. May you see God face to face.

With love,

Fr. Tom

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