Fifth Sunday of Lent

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My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

“The Woman Caught in Adultery” and “The Raising of Lazarus” are the two gospels we encounter this weekend.  Both stories have many possible lessons for us.  Perhaps, because they are so rich, we need to focus on one of them.  You choose!  Which do you think will have the greater benefit for you personally during these final weeks of Lent?

Rodolpho Bernardelli: Cristo e a mulher adúltera, mármore, 1881

I like the first story, in that I find myself too often one of the crowd, ready to judge even condemn someone while not acknowledging my own sin.  Like the story, Jesus wishes to spend some “alone time” with us during this season.  Not to condemn, but to free from our sins and negative self-images.  We are invited to see ourselves as Jesus sees us, precious children of the one Father of all.

This is the new life we see in the gospel story of Lazarus.  The freedom from the stench of our sins through the power of God’s love.  We will see the amazing depth of this love in the two weeks of Lent that remain.  Let us open our heart to receive this life transforming gift.

With Love,

Fr. Tom

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