Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

Luke’s version of the call of the first apostles includes several marvelous meditations. We look at Peter, who when he sees Jesus’ real identity is at the same time deeply aware of his own sins. We later see these successful fishermen leaving all behind to follow Jesus.

Two lessons for all who seek to follow Jesus. One, we must be aware and admit our own sinfulness, our need for redemption. Second, we need to make sacrifices to follow Jesus faithfully. Peter left all to follow Him, Jesus himself gave his life to be faithful to the Father. Our sacrifices pale in comparison.

Isaiah shares with us in the first reading for today his own calling. At first, he was not answering the call because of his awareness of being a sinner (human). When he realized the healing, purifying power of God’s love, he was able to respond “Here I am, send me.”

In these stories, we see that any excuse we may present to following Christ and doing the will of God has been tried before and rejected. Perhaps we can see this as a frequent experience during the celebration of the Mass. Aware of our own sinfulness, we say “Lord, I am not worthy” but, he comes to us, touches and heals us, calls us to proclaim Him with our lives and sends us forth (“Missa”).

With love,

Fr. Tom
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