February 28th, 2016

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The Moreton Bay Fig tree, planted in 1876 is now one of the largest fig trees in the world.

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

In the season of Lent, on this Third Sunday, the church gives us an interesting story.  We are given an image of a fig tree that does not bear fruit.  In many ways it was an image of Israel and in many ways it is an image of us.  Of significance is how it is treated.  It is given another chance and if it bears fruit, the past is forgotten.  It is given all that it needs to be successful in bearing fruit.  The Mercy of God is thus illustrated.

If we can relate to this tree that does not bear fruit, then we too are called in Lent to turn to the mercy of God.  From God we have enough to turn things around and become fruitful servants of the Lord.  Lent becomes not a time to look at the lack of fruit but to look at the potential for bearing fruit that each of us have in our service of God, because of God’s mercy.

The more we are aware of the love and mercy of God, the more we will want to respond with lives that bear fruit, with lives that give thanks to God for the many gifts we have received and the opportunity of ours to serve such a loving God.   I pray that you are rediscovering Jesus and in him the mercy of God!

With love,

Fr. Tom

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