Easter Sunday

Published on Apr 20th, 2019 by Parish Office | 0

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

Easter is a celebration of life! Always celebrated in the Spring, there are signs all around us of the earth returning to the green growth of Summer. We have been doing our Lenten prayer and good works giving ourselves new growth in our relationship with God and neighbor. And, this year, here at St. Bernadette’s we are celebrating in a renewed worship space.

Our church is so much more than just a better place to gather and pray, but rather it sings of Easter every Sunday. The sparkle of a shiny floor and an altar that is elevated give glory to God and celebrate the Resurrection in beautiful ways. The hard work and sacrifices of so many to make this church happen are reminiscent of the work of Lent that has born fruit in our lives and community.

This church is literally the work of our hands. Now, the work of the church is in our hands as well. The ministries of St. Bernadette Parish belong to all of us. Please look for a way to share your time and talent as we go forward ministering God’s love.

So, welcome all to St. Bernadette’s and Happy Easter! May Christ’s Resurrection give to you renewed hope and joy and lead you to raise your hands and voices to praise our God. “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice!”

With love,

Fr. Tom

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