Divine Mercy Sunday

Published on Apr 7th, 2018 by Parish Office | 0


My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

“Peace be with you.” These are the first words Jesus speaks to the apostles when He appears after the Resurrection. They are so important that He repeats them two more times. Don’t we all want peace? Peace in our lives, peace in our world, less anxiety, busyness and stress.

While we just want our prayer for peace answered, the peace of Christ requires an openness to Christ’s way. This message today comes immediately following his dying and rising. This then, the Paschal Mystery, is His path to peace. Our dying comes in the changes we must make. Perhaps giving up some control, perhaps giving up some judgements, perhaps dying to doing things “our way.” The dying is our embrace of the cross. The gift of peace, the peace that Christ alone can give us, requires our response and trust in Him.

With his peace, we will live better, love deeper and do beautiful things for Christ. We will be Easter people and an instrument of His peace in the lives of others. As St. Francis teaches us in his prayer, the best path to receiving peace is to give it to others as a servant.

May the peace of Christ rule your heart and fill you throughout this Easter season.

With love,
Fr. Tom

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