December 2nd – First week of Advent

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First Week of Advent

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

“Be watchful! Be alert!” Jesus warns us because we do not know the day nor the hour. How very important as we begin Advent to heed these warnings. Not so much because of fear of the end of our life, but because of the danger of heading in the wrong direction.

Our world and especially our American society is so strongly materialistic. This is so much in evidence during these “shopping days until Christmas.” If we are not alert, we will be sucked into those values and we lose sight of the real meaning of Advent and Christmas.

The good news is that we have lots of help. Our church provides us wonderful daily reflections in the scriptures of the day throughout Advent. The church also gives us wonderful services, programs, opportunities to serve as well as the support of a loving family. We’ll amend the “let’s do this” motto of Home Depot to “let’s do this right!” which is what Jesus is telling us today.

With Love,

Fr. Tom

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