3rd Sunday of Easter

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My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

“You are witnesses of these things.” This is Jesus’ instruction to the apostles at his first appearance in Luke’s gospel. Before the teaching, before the preaching, before all else, they are witnesses.

One of the communication helps I learned a while ago was the difference between a “you” statement and an “I” statement. “You” statements often include judgements and finger-pointing ( “you should do this,” “you should not do that” , etc. While “I” statements simply share my feelings, my thoughts, my beliefs.

“You” statements put the other person on the defensive and usually end a conversation. “I” statements do the opposite. If I share my feelings, they are neither right nor wrong, just my feelings. This is how we witness. We share our beliefs, our feelings, our hungers. I love Jesus. I am overwhelmed during Communion. I appreciate a good sermon. I like to pray the Rosary during a quiet afternoon. These sharings give witness to my faith but in a way that encourages the other to respond, think, or share. And, we don’t need to preach, judge nor point our finger.

We have many opportunities to share our faith each day and this is exactly what Jesus invites us to do.

With love,

Fr. Tom

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