3rd Sunday in Lent

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My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

As you know, we are following the “C” Cycle of readings this year. Most of these come from the gospel of St. Luke. In Lent, we sometimes have exceptions where we switch back to the “A” Cycle of readings because they speak more directly to the conversion process of those who will join the church at Easter. In fact, Lent itself, began as their retreat preparing for Baptism. Now is is our opportunity to be with them in retreat as we will renew our baptism vows on Easter.

Image of fig tree in desert

I suggest your preparation for each weekend, include reading, meditating and praying on both the “A” and “C” readings. You can find them in the Breaking Bread book or published in our bulletin. So, our two gospels are about a woman at the well and a fig tree. Jesus is the “living water” needed for us to bear fruit. In both stories, we see a sense of urgency. For the woman, she immediately shares her faith in the Jesus whom she has just met. For the fig tree, it is the cultivation needed to bear fruit before it is too late.

The greatest temptation of Lent is to not do Lent or to put in a minimal amount of time for our prayer, fasting and alms giving. In fact, there is much to be done and it will require us to sacrifice some time. But, the reward for this effort will be us drawing from the “well” of Christ’s life and bearing much fruit.

With love,

Fr. Tom

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