31st Sunday of Ordinary time

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My Dear Bernadette Family,

As our gospel story begins, we see Zacchaeus as a successful businessman (a Tax Collector) but someone who is curious to see Jesus.  He isn’t a follower but knows something is missing in his life.  He hungers for more, but not sure what it is he hungers for.  His curiosity leads him to seek Jesus.  He thinks he only wants to see Jesus, but in fact he hungers for so much more.

Image of Jesus and Zacchaeus for the 31st Sunday in ordinary time.

There are many Zacchaeus’ in our world today.  They are successful by the world’s standards, but something is missing.  They are searching, but do not know where to look.  Like Zacchaeus, they are “up a tree”, or “out on a limb”.

What they might not know is that they are looking for Jesus.  Not just to see him, but to know him in a personal way.  Not just for him to pass by, but to stay in their home.

Perhaps, that is us!  Maybe you are the one looking, hungering for something more.  Undoubtebly you know someone else who is looking in all the wrong places for “salvation”.

Although our story does not give us the ending, we are certain that Zacchaeus’ life was forever changed.  His relationship with Jesus would have flowed from this encounter and he would have become more honest, generous, and caring.  It would have been a big change for him to leave it all behind and follow Jesus.  He probably didn’t do that, or we would have heard more about him.   But he did find what he was looking for.

With Love,

Father Tom

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