30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

Bartimaeus had an interesting day. He was just doing his regular thing, sitting beside the road begging. He heard a commotion and was told it was Jesus. He heard of Jesus and in fact placed his trust in Him. Bartimaeus threw aside his cloak which was all he had to keep him from the cold of night. He trusted Jesus.

Jesus asked him, “what do you want me to do for you?” The answer, “I want to see.”

We know enough about Scripture to understand that “to see” is more than his physical sight. He wanted to see Jesus. He wanted to see “the way.” He wanted to follow Jesus and that in fact he did do.

The story is found in the gospel not just to tell us a little history. It also affirms Jesus’ power to heal. More, it tells us that if we want to see Jesus and follow Him, we must place our trust in him. We too must get rid of all that offers us false security and place our full trust in Jesus.

Oh, and those who tried to tell Bartimaeus to be silent, they are all those voices calling us to trust in ourselves, trust in money, trust in strength, trust in the values of the world. Bartimaeus ignored them and so must we.

With love,
Fr. Tom

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