30th Sunday in ordinary time

Published on Oct 26th, 2019 by Parish Office | 0

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

The gospel this weekend invites us to evaluate our prayer. Do I pray to show how good I am or to show how much I need God’s help? Does my prayer affirm my life style or does it challenge me to do better?

Most likely our prayer is sometimes like the Pharisee and other times like the tax collector. The later prayer, Jesus says, leads us to be honest and right with God.

Honesty in prayer is honesty with God is honesty with ourselves. Honest prayer helps us guard against an inflated ego or false sense of self. Honest prayer is a path to a humility that no only keeps our relationship with God in proper perspective, but opens us to the grace God offers. Without honestly it all shuts down and we become more and more like the Pharisee, in love with ourselves.

May your prayer be honest that you might know the amazing love of God!

With Love,

Fr. Tom.

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