25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Published on Sep 22nd, 2018 by Parish Office | 0

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

I wonder what there is about us that leads us to compare ourselves to others. We are too often like the apostles who today are arguing about who is the greatest. Comparison Christianity leads us to want to be better than our neighbor or at least as good as. This leads us to settle for something less than the best version of ourselves, as Matthew Kelly describes it.

In the end, only God is great, only God is good, only God is holy. We are far less than that. If we give into comparison Christianity, we will lack the humility that leads us to ask God for the grace to improve, to change, to grow. If we follow comparison Christianity, we will fall victim to either settling for the status quo or be busy putting others down or pointing out their faults so we can be better by comparison.

We see the extreme result of this comparison Christianity in our first reading as the people plot against the “just one” simply because he or she is better. As Paul tells us today, “where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder in every foul practice.”

Let’s acknowledge our need to grow in holiness and give thanks for those who challenge us to do so because they are holier than we are.

With love,

Fr. Tom

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