24th Sunday

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My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

It is not by accident that Mark shares today’s story of the confession of Peter immediately following last week’s gospel story of the healing of the deaf man. We need to hear the word of God and respond in faith, Peter is showing today that, although he doesn’t fully comprehend what it means that Jesus is the Christ, he nevertheless is listening.

Our first reading from Isaiah also connects these two stories as the prophet proclaims that “The Lord opened my ears” and then follows by acknowledging that because of hearing the word he suffers. There seems to be a double message for us.

First is to listen to Jesus. This requires the tools of quiet time before the Lord, reading the Scriptures and meditating on them, and opening our heart to the response required from listening. The second is to realize that for the sake of the gospel, people suffer. Jesus did, Peter did, Isaiah did and so must we. We cannot choose to follow the voice that calls out to us if we make other choices a higher calling. To name Jesus as the “Christ” means following his voice is the single most important thing in our life

In Mark’s gospel, this is the center. All before today’s profession by Peter leads up to this awareness of Jesus as the Christ. All that follows will be the cross. Jesus will journey, in obedience to the voice of his Father, to Jerusalem. These two lessons cannot be separated. This, Paul affirms in our second reading as well.

With love,

Fr. Tom

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