17th Sunday in Ordinary time

Published on Jul 27th, 2019 by Parish Office | 0

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

Today’s gospel is Luke’s version of the Lord’s Prayer. The context found in the following teaching and in our first reading invite us to be persistent in prayer, spending time with God, in dialogue with God, honestly sharing our wants and needs.

One of our beautiful traditions is to pray the Rosary which includes this Lord’s Prayer as well as several other “rote” prayers such as the Hail Mary and Glory Be. By forming a habit of praying the Rosary regularly, we are habitually spending time with God. The familiar words are like a mantra, gently calling us back into the presence of God when our minds wander. By spending this or any other time with the Lord, we will listen, bring our concerns to the Lord, be instructed and drink in God’s love.

We are reminded of last week’s gospel story of Martha. It is easy for us to be in God’s presence and not be aware because we are so busy with our own business. Prayer requires us to stop and spend time with God. The fruits of prayer are many.

With Love,
Father Tom.

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