16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Published on Jul 20th, 2019 by Parish Office | 0

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

Women in the bible often represent their “people” or a way of relating to God. In today’s gospel we have Martha and Mary. They represent two ways of relating to God. One spirituality is the servant of God. These people strive to please God by what they do and how they serve their brothers and sisters. The others are the lowly who simply sit at the feet of God and listen. They know that all from God comes to us as gift and that it is futile to think we earn something by our good deeds.

Both spiritualities are found and affirmed throughout the scriptures. Jesus’ answer to Martha seems to give preference to the later, although it might just be an observation that Martha’s behavior, in criticizing her sister in front of guests, shows something lacking in her spirituality. Her faith and her behavior towards others are not quite in proper balance. Jesus encourages her to lay aside her own worries and be present to the moment. Here she is with Christ himself in her home and she is more concerned with the dishes.

With love,

Father Tom

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