14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Brooklyn Museum – The Exhortation to the Apostles (Recommandation aux apôtres) – Public Domain

“Let the peace of Christ control your hearts;

let the word of Christ dwell in you richly”

These words are from our Gospel Acclamation.  Too often we are busy while it is being sung.  We are standing, adjusting our book, looking around the church or daydreaming.  The words of our Gospel Acclamation often point us as to what to listen for in the gospel or how to connect with gospel with what we have just heard in the first and second readings and in the psalm.

Jesus is really giving the disciples a win-win situation as they go forth.  Certainly, they will meet with resistance and rejection as they speak of Christ to those they meet.  But, no matter what the behavior of others, they are to be people who speak peace.  If accepted, they will experience the peace of a warm reception.  If rejected, they will experience the peace of faithfully preaching and living the gospel.  Either way, they have created for themselves an experience of peace.

This teaching also reminds the disciples that the message they preach is with their words and actions.  They must be credible preachers, and this comes not from their words nor who they represent, but in their actions as they live the gospel in relationship with the people.  We know the truth of this in our own lives.  Pretty quickly we determine whether what someone is saying to us has credibility.  Our determination comes not from their words, but from their actions, attitude, manner of relating with us.

If this is true for them, it is true for us.  Does your life give credibility to your faith sharing?  Do people listen carefully to you and want to know your faith because they see something in your that gives credibility to your words and religious practice?

With Love,

Father Tom

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