13th Sunday of Ordinary time

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My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

Some doors are good to keep open while other doors should be shut tight. An evening breeze feels good in the house after a hot day. A winter day on the other hand deserves a tightly closed door to keep the cold out.

We see a door Jesus insists is kept open in our gospel. Journeying through Samaria he was not welcomed. The disciples wanted to shut the door on the Samaritans, while Jesus rebuked them. As we know, later Samaria was fertile ground for the church and the preaching of the apostles.

In our first reading, we see a door slammed shut. Elisha burned the plow and slaughtered the oxen making it impossible for him to return to a career in farming. From that day forward, he was a prophet of God.

What doors do we need to keep open and which should we shut. I am thinking of such doors as communication with family members with whom we wish to reconcile. These doors should be kept open always. The door to temptation however, should be shut tightly. Temptations have a way of enticing us if we allow the slightest opportunity.

“Bless the Lord who counsels me” we sang in the Responsorial today. Indeed, we are blessed with good counsel about the opening and shutting of doors.

With love,

Father Tom

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