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Jun 25th, 2016 by Parish Office

June 26th, 2016


My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

“Burning your bridges” is a popular expression of doing something that does not allow us to go back and change decisions we have made.  In light of today’s first reading we might speak about burning your oxen and plow as it is a similar image in the decision of Elisha to become a prophet without an opportunity to go back to the farm.

Jesus tells us that to follow Him, we also must burn our bridges.  That is, to follow him must be an absolute decision. We cannot follow Him sometimes or for a while.  He points to all the excuses that are used to compromise our decision to follow him. We are challenged to trust in Him and entrust our lives to Him.

Can we see the excuses we use?  It is difficult to see.  In the gospel, one man says “let me first bury my father.”  This seems to be a good thing, until we realize that this means his father has not yet died.  It is just an excuse.  We do the same thing when we find reasons to not go to Mass, to not visit someone in need, to not read the Scriptures, to not do any of the works of mercy that we have been studying this year.

We see this too in the gospel when the disciples want to call down fire from heaven to destroy the Samaritans.  Whenever we use force to get our way (or God’s way) we have made an excuse to not follow Him.  So, what excuses are your favorites?

With love,

Fr. Tom

Important Dates

  • Important Dates!

    Father’s Day Breakfast – After masses June 19th to benefit our youth group.  Hang with Dad, enjoy a great breakfast for only $5.00!

    Dinner, Dance, and Silent Auction Fund Raiser – help build a new Capuchin monastery!  Join the Capuchin Poor Clares on Saturday July 23rd, at St. Patrick Church on 3325 Pecos Street, Denver 80211.  Tickets are $35.00 and will be on sale at St. Bernadette’s Parish Office.

    The Original Image of Divine Mercy – A film for the Holy Year of Mercy.  Show times are June 22nd 9:00am and again at June 24th at 7pm at Our Lady of Fatima Parish Hall located at 1985 Miller St., Lakewood.  Admission is a nonperishable food item for the Jeffco Action Center.

    See the Church Bulletin, or contact the Parish office for more details!

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