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Mar 16th, 2019 by Parish Office

Second Sunday of Lent

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

The Transfiguration is the story we ponder on the Second Sunday of Lent each year. Jesus reveals himself, his relationship with the Father and with the law (Moses) and the prophets (Elijah) to the three privileged disciples.

“While he was speaking, a cloud came and cast a shadow over them, and they became frightened when they entered the cloud. Then from the cloud came a voice that said, “This is my chosen Son; listen to him.” – Lk 9:34-35

Today we have the opportunity to join them on that mountain and experience ourselves what they experienced there. We can hear the Father’s voice inviting us to listen to His Son. We can be humbled by the glorious presence of Christ. We can appreciate with the more depth the wisdom of the law and prophets.

Again, the experience is not the end, but a means to the end. Later Peter would share with us in his letter how important this experience was for him as he faced difficult times in following Jesus. The church tells us it is important for each of us to climb that mountain with Jesus this week. While there, take in the sights and sounds. There, we too will be strengthened and instructed in the remainder of our Lenten Journey by this encounter with Jesus.

With Love,
Fr. Tom.

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