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Dec 15th, 2018 by Parish Office

Third Sunday of Advent

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

Sometimes we become very negative and depressed, looking at all that is wrong with the world, our country, our church, our family and our life. We see the problems, the failures, the darkness. In this time of year, when days are still getting darker and it is cold outside, it is tempting to just pull up the covers, roll over and wish we didn’t need to engage life.

Advent looks at the opposite side of things. The light is coming, hope will return, God has a plan which is even now unfolding. We look at what is good, we look at the possibilities, what He will bring. In Advent we hope!

Even now, in the world around us, we see people being generous in charitable activities and gifts, people desiring deeply to express love for one another through Christmas gatherings and gifts. We see people teaching children the amazing story of the first Christmas.

In our gospel for today, Jesus invites us to ponder what we hear and see. We can even now see signs of life renewed, hope and joy. As to all that negative stuff that so captures our focus, the scriptures address that too as the desert gives life and the disabled are restored. Our God comes, and that is very good news.

With love,

Fr. Tom

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  • Important Dates!

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