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Apr 23rd, 2016 by Parish Office

April 24th, 2016

My Dear St. Bernadette Family,

Two phrases from our scripture fit together like pieces of a jigsaw.  In the second reading from the book of Revelation, John tells us he saw a “new heaven and a new earth.”  In the Gospel, Jesus give us a “new” commandment, to “love one another as His love has been for us.”

We do love.  We love God and we love one another.  We love our family and friends and we can be moved by love to help those in need.  So, what is new?

What is new is to love as Jesus loves us.  Our love is often tainted by being conditional, limited, or selective.  We love when we feel like it, when the other “deserves” it, when we have the time or something moves us to be generous.  But, Jesus’ love for us is always, everywhere and without limit. He loves us “while we are still sinners.”  He loved those who betrayed Him, who abandoned Him, even those who crucified Him.  Jesus is God and God is love!This new love is the mark of a disciple.

This new love is our witness to Him.  As we look at the last two Works of Mercy, “Bear Wrongs” and “Pray”, we know these will be a natural response for those who choose to love like Him. This new love will transform our world into what we all hope and pray for.  Oh, and along the way it will transform us as well.

May the love of Jesus be revealed in you!

With love,

Fr. Tom

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